Tips To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party Extra Memorable

When your little kiddo’s birthday is on the horizon, we’re almost certain he wants a party to celebrate with all his friends. He may want to blow the candle out on his cake and hit a piñata until it bursts, but these traditions have been done time and time again, and your child surely deserves a party that’ll go down in history (or at least, in his memories). With the help of these simple tips, you can ensure your kid’s birthday is a smash hit with all his friends, and he’ll have a day he’ll never forget!

Customize the cake!

Cakes are great and all, but why settle for the ordinary cake you can buy at any store? Purchase your child’s favorite pastry or delicacy, may it be some doughnuts, pancakes, or cupcakes. Stack ‘em up, and put the candles on top! Your kid is surely going to love seeing a whole stack of his favorite food, and it’ll be a breath of fresh air for all the guests, too!Tap into the community

As parents, we like keeping everything in order, and we tend to forget that some of the best things in life can’t be done alone. Sure, the party could be fun with activities you’ve planned, but if you’ve got the extra bucks to spend, don’t be afraid to hire local talent to entertain the kids! Have a magician come over to wow them with cool tricks, or have a mascot come along as your kid’s favorite character! Not only will you have one segment of the party taken care of, but you’re also helping the local talent gain their exposure with all the guests that’ll see them perform.

Hire a Photo Booth Service

Photo booths are a great way to capture the fun and excitement of the party, as all the guests will want to have their pictures taken. You’ll surely find a cheap photo booth hire Sydney as demands for them are high, and there is always an abundance of celebrations at any time of the year. While the guests have fun posing and wearing silly props, they’ll also get to keep a lovely souvenir of the party.

Let the guests come in costumes

Parties are always more exciting with a theme! Decorate the venue with paraphernalia that relate to your child’s favorite story or movie, and place specific instructions in the invitations that guests are encouraged to wear costumes related to the theme. Guests will surely flock to the party photo booth, and your child will have even more fun being in a temporary wonderland of his dreams!There are many other ways to spice up the celebration, most of which are just a google search away. Don’t be afraid to try out new things; trust me – your child will thank you for it!

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