Raks Sharki And The Health Benefits Of It

More commonly known as belly dance, this is a type of dance art that is quite popular around the world. But when though it is quite famous, the health benefits of this particular type of dancing is relatively unknown to most people. The hip movements and the graceful movement of the rest of the body uses major muscles present in the body like the abdomen and spinal muscles helping strengthen the body and offering a range of other benefits.While most other dance types force the body to work against the physical tendency of the body, belly dancing encourages a woman to follow motions that are natural to her body.One of the key points is that it helps tone muscles present in the body and vastly helps the posture of an individual. When following this type of dancing, the hips and the abdomen region of a woman’s body is put through slow and gradual movements that help the body achieve a certain amount of fluidity. This positions help reduce the chances of back aches and spinal pains and it also relieves stress that can result from sitting in front of a computer for most of the day.

There are multiple muscles present in the abdomen region of a woman’s body that hardly ever receives the proper exercise. Sticking to something like belly dance works such muscles and strengthens these muscles through the movement of hips. Another great benefit that is sure to convince people to enroll in belly dance classes is that it can burn a huge amount of calories. According to studies done, they can burn up to three hundred and fifty calories for an hour. Of course these estimates can vary according to the vigor of your routine. If you can enroll yourself to a healthy diet, this can make for a good weight loss routine.

As mentioned above, the movements associated with belly dance can help a woman deal with day to day stress. It is also known to outstretch cramped muscles, increasing the flow of blood in that region and removing any lactic acid that has built up in the muscles. The fact that belly dance strengthens muscles makes it a good work out for those experiencing pregnancy. It tones muscles in the abdomen and prepares a female on how to budge her pelvis muscles during childbirth. Especially for women who prefer to have a natural child birth, this can be a great exercise and has also been acknowledged as a great exercise after the child birth is done as it tones down the muscles in the middle body. On the other hand, you can hire belly dancer to your house especially if you can’t leave.